Installing Magnum Hammer Spring on Airforce Texan

New Air Ripper MK II , 4 chamber Muzzle Break for Airforce Texan

  • Air Ripper MKII , 4 Chamber Muzzle Break

Airforce Texan 4500 psi Upgrade and 138 grain Diabolo Pellet full shot string

Airforce Texan 4500 psi Upgrade with 143 grain Round Ball chronograph numbers

Airforce Texan 4500 psi Upgrade with 180 grain JBS Diabolo Pellet

9mm Parabellum 124 grain verse Texan 4500 psi Upgrade 138 grain pellet

Airforce Texan 4500 psi Upgrade 554 grain bullet 761 foot pounds

New Power Tune Kit for the Sam Yang Single Tube Big Bore Airguns 9mm, 45 cal and 50 cal

Awesome range of pellets we make
.25 cal , 30 cal ,9mm .45 cal .457 cal .50 cal 58 cal and 73 cal

Press fit threaded end cap for Airforce Texan for those owners who dont want to thread their barrels but want to attcha a silencer or muzzle break

Sam Yang 909 Big Bore Airgun with African Air Ordnance LCD/ Silencer

African Air Ordnance Lightning Walnut Stock and Silencer/LDC Left or Right Hand ,Thumb Hole

Black Lightning Thumb Hole Stock For Airforce Texan